Haunted Halls - Green Hills Sanitarium Collector's Edition

Haunted Halls - Green Hills Sanitarium Collector's Edition 1.0

Green Hills Sanitarium is a hidden-object adventure from ERS Game Studios
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ERS Games Studio

Green Hills Sanitarium is a hidden-object adventure from ERS Game Studios, with a story set in an abandoned mental asylum. A friend of yours, Tim, was investigating the Green Hills Sanitarium, a psychiatric clinic where strange things had happened. After a week of not receiving news from Tim, you head off to the clinic to see for yourself what is going on.

The clinic is a creepy abandoned building that looks much older and more sinister than you imagined. Your task is to explore the building and its surroundings using your puzzle-solving skills to locate your boyfriend and release him from whatever is keeping him trapped. Mousing over a scene will let you see if there's any clue to advance in your search. Once you make it inside the clinic, the atmosphere becomes heavier and scarier, and you can hear ghostly voices and whispers as you approach the clinic halls. What you see inside the asylum leads you to think that Dr. Blackmore, the director, has been experimenting with patients, torturing them and exposing them to the things they fear the most, for who knows what purposes. Then you realize that to release Tim, first you need to find all the patients in the clinic and set them free from their fears. But that won't be an easy task: the place where the clinic is located consists of several areas and backyards, so there is a lot to explore.

The mouse cursor will turn into an eye or a hand when held over special areas or objects you need to pay attention to. Most of the time you will be collecting objects, both from hidden-object scenes and from rooms in the clinic. When used with the environment, these objects can help you open a door or give you access to a secret staircase, which in turn can lead you to a secret office where yet another puzzle awaits. Hidden-object scenes are typical and not really hard to solve; the challenge is to figure out how to use the objects found in order to advance towards your friend.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Good, absorbing story
  • Challenging, intuitive puzzles to solve
  • Lots of locations to explore
  • Creepy atmosphere
  • Extra levels and contents plus the Strategy Guide in the Collector's Edition


  • Soundtrack is very repetitive and doesn't go with the story, at moments
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